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For 18 months well-established photographic artist Ken Fermoyle was legally blind. "Everything looked different, a bit off-kilter," he remembers. "Limited vision often made my photos appear as abstracts; they assumed interesting new shapes and perspectives." Even after surgery restored much of the vision in his right eye, he continues to pursue his newfound abstract focus, beginning with objects in natural settings that he then manipulates into bold new images. For example, he morphed a serene Maui beach scene into Chaos, a reminder that nature can become a powerful, threatening force. He created Bird of Prey from an accidental photo made up of color splotches in which he saw a piercing predator's eye, feathery textures, and avian colors.

Fermoyle's work has been widely published in magazines ranging from Playboy, Popular Science and PC World to McCalls. His work is exhibited widely throughout California and collectors reside from Seattle to Southern California. Continuing to pursue his decades-long passion for photography, this year he added two more top awards and an honorable mention in Photographic Society of America camera club competitions.

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