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Last Remnants of Mardi Gras

Night Jazz

Dog Days

James Mlaker uses his art to convey explorations of the permeability of the boundaries of reality through diverse themes. Technically rooted in the union of digital photography and computer graphics, these creatively complex images visually explode with intense color and psychological impact. Last Remnants of Mardi Gras is comprised of images of two different New Orleans street scenes layered over a macro image of a doll combined with digitally painted and graphically filtered generated effects. The piece suggests feelings of a colorful, vibrant, yet somehow shallow personality masking far deeper introspective realms with a voyeuristic invitation to explore, exposed through the slight cracks in the mask and the exposure of the underlying, inviting features. Watched, a composition created from images of the rotunda ceiling window in the Native American Museum in New York City, a homeless person, and the artist's own eye, conveys the strange relationship of anonymity, homelessness, poverty and an ultra-paranoid post-911 Orwellian society.

Mlaker earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, and his MS degree from Concordia University, Wisconsin. Exhibition commitments for 2005 include the David Leonardis Gallery, Chicago, the Infusion Gallery in Los Angeles, the AX Space Gallery in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and the New York Art Festival in Las Vegas, among others.

Dreams of Jimi

Kilgore Trout's Lament



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