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3 Snails

Dmitry Rakov specializes in the field of IMP ART (IMPossible ART). IMP ART is a form of OP ART which is a style that is unique in its attempt to show movement on the surface by using careful arrangement of geometric shapes in order to produce a variety of optical illusions.

Taking an intellectual approach in his art form, he focuses on the originating idea of his art and the process by which it is presented, allowing the idea expressed and its process to share center stage with his tangible drawing. He interprets his works as a dialectical and proportionate interaction of order and disorder, of symmetry and asymmetry, of geometric accuracy and elegant deviations from it, of reasonable actions and intuition. While conceptual works are sometimes expressed in language alone, often existing only as ideas or notes, this artist chooses to express the ideas of his works in a more traditional form in which the conditions of his image surfaces are created and preserved. He strives to integrate feelings with thought, using more than his mind to rule his creative processes.

Rakov, who holds many distinctions of honor, exhibits in Russia, Germany and England. Collectors reside in Russia, Sweden, England, Japan, Germany, Hungary and the United States.

The 2 Symbols – Live & Eternity Ring




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